Hey there! I'm Chris

I enjoy making websites, plugins for Minecraft servers, shenanigans, Discord bots, and just about everything else!

I'm active on Github at @techchrism and I sometimes go by Techdoodle.

You can email me at chris@techchrism.me or contact me on Discord at Techdoodle#2641

A few of my favorite projects:

  • Chill

    Relaxing website with animations, music, and sound effects

  • URL Lengthener
    URL Lengthener URL Source

    Webapp that encodes a url into its own hash and can decode and redirect all client-side (meant as a joke)

  • Comet

    Command-line text editor in C++ with fancy animations and mouse interactions

  • Gravity Gun Source

    Plugin for Minecraft servers to add a Gravity Gun to the game

  • Discord Impersonator Source

    Discord bot that uses GPT-2 AI to interactively "impersonate" members of a Discord server based on their typing patterns

  • Firefox Password Decrypt Source

    Powershell script to reflectively load Mozilla's nss3 dll and use it to decrypt Firefox passwords without writing to disk

My other projects can be found on my repository list